About us ?

Batiboat has been the specialist for boat chartering in Marseilles (Pointe Rouge district) for many years. Whatever your needs, for the day, a week or more, you will always find the most beautiful boats to rent in Marseilles at Batiboat.

From the port of Pointe Rouge in Marseilles, escape for a day, to the beautiful coves of Cassis and Friuli and make a stopover at the legendary Château d’If. Rent a motor or sail boat for a day or half a day with your friends, family or even for an event (birthday, bachelor or bachelorette party) and discover the hidden wonders of the bay which will leave you with a great, lasting memory. Rent a boat with your license or ask for a skipper and treat yourself to a real moment of peace and freedom on a beautiful sunny day.

  • Location d'un bateau Rio 38 à Marseille
    RIO 38
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  • Location d'un bateau Jeanneau NC 11 à Marseille
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  • Bateau Princess 62
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