Electric surfing Lampuga

Le Electric Surfing Lampuga est une planche de surf motorisée à découvrir pendant votre sortie en bateau avec batiboat, location de bateau à Marseille.
Celle-ci fonctionne par propulsion électrique, très légère elle se manipule et se transporte facilement. Vous pourrez l’utiliser debout, assis, à genoux ou encore allongé.
Pour contrôler le Electric surfing Lampuga, il suffit de tenir dans sa main une courroie de direction, attachée sur le devant de la planche. Un joystick permet de contrôler la vitesse et de contrôler sa planche. 
profitez d'une sortie en bateau avec batiboat Marseille et lancez vous sur le surf électrique Lampuga pour découvrir de nouvelles sensations de glisse.
Partez à la découverte de nouvelles sensations fortes à Marseille grâce à la location de de surf Lampuga par Batiboat ! 

towed buoy

For more fun at sea, Batiboat offers lots of cool activities, among them you have the opportunity to get towed buoy! With a motor boat that pulls you over 40 km / h you will discover new thrills. You can choose between two sizes of buoys, depending if you want to be towed alone or with someone. Take crazy pictures and keep that wonderful memory for a long time!
Batiboat can provide you with: A buoy


Paddleboarding is a discipline that continues to grow and develop on the French coast. Stand Up Paddling is the new trend!It is similar to surfing and requires that you stand on a large board, equipped with a paddle.
More accessible than surfing, you can easily move around and still get a taste of what it feels like to stand on waters.
It’s so easy to use and technologically advanced that you will be gliding and surfing in no time. Batiboat can provide you with: Paddle boards.

The seabob

Do you dream of splitting the waves like a dolphin, of feeling like a fish in the water? Then you have to try seabobing!

Rent seabobs with Batiboat for an original and creative day of fun with friends and family while exploring Marseilles' seabed.

The seabike

The Seabike is an underwater propeller that allows you to explore the underwater world without getting tired. Grip the handles like you would on a bicycle and steer the seabike with your body only. At the rear, pedals drive a propeller that rotates 3.7 times faster than the pedal. Slide the seabike under you in the water, keep the handles leveled with your pelvis and move lying down in the water. The pedals’ rotating movement starts the propeller. SEABIKE has neutral buoyoncy, which allows gliding over water as well as traveling under water.